MBA study and its origin

Have you decided to study an MBA or are you just thinking about getting this unconventional title? As the information on the American market is about this study as saffron, we bring you a series of “MBA Guide”, where you will find useful information that will bring you closer to the program and help you make decisions. During the series we will present you the following topics, which are divided into sections: MBA study and its origin, What to consider when choosing an MBA study in US, List of schools and institutions that offer MBA studies, MBA studies in the US, How to study MBA in England, MBA Study in Europe.

What is an MBA and for whom it is intended

The MBA is a business and management education that provides its graduates with a comprehensive overview of the business environment. Students acquire theoretical as well as practical knowledge in basic disciplines of management, business, accounting, organization management and communication. Teaching focuses on developing skills such as good decision making, effective communication, and prompt troubleshooting. Most of the study is done in the form of exercises, research and discussions.

Study MBA

The MBA study is primarily intended for senior executives, especially middle and senior managers who want to acquire or improve their management skills. The study is also suitable for specialists with technical education, lawyers and doctors who do not have a business education and plan to work in senior management positions in the company. The MBA is a great asset to students who already have several years of leadership experience because they can apply and compare theoretical knowledge with practice.

For example, you won’t get to the most prestigious schools offering these programs without several years of management experience. They believe that the MBA will only enrich students with long-term experience, but completing such a school will guarantee you an almost immediate career advancement.

At present, some MBA programs are designed to be suitable for non-practitioners who have just completed their bachelor’s degree and are interested in higher education. There are several MBA studies on the market. Candidates have the opportunity to study an MBA that has a general focus or can choose a specific specialization. The General MBA contains subjects related to business, management and business in general, such as management, strategic business management, project management and planning, marketing, financial management or accounting and taxes. Subjects in a specialized MBA are similar to general focus, but contain more subjects from that specialization. Specialized MBA programs are becoming more and more candidates can choose, for example:

Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Advertising, Innovation, International Trade, Finance, International Management

Business, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, Internet Marketing,

Nonprofit Management, Sales Management, Retail Management, Human Resources, General Management, Global Business

Types of specialization are constantly evolving, depending on current market needs. Recently, new MBA specialties such as tourism, pharmacy management and e-marketing have emerged. Despite the diverse range of specializations, marketing, finance, management, and human resources remain the most popular MBA programs yet.

MBA and its roots

Demand for business education came shortly after the industrial revolution, when manufacturing was replaced by thought-out production. In this period, new forms and methods of production arose, from manual to automated. Companies and factories did not only need workers, but also educated superiors to supervise workers, machinery and automation.

ESCP University in France was the first to respond to this demand and in 1819 began to offer business education. Subsequently, the University of Belgium joined in 1857 and the first business school in Central Europe was established. This school was founded in Budapest under the name Budapest School of Business and today boasts the title “The Oldest Public School in the World”. Business education has gradually expanded to universities operating in other continents and countries. However, the MBA as we know it today was established at Harvard University’s Faculty of Business in 1908, which called its first MBA Master of Business Administration. Other universities in the US have also begun to teach MBAs, and from there they have gradually spread throughout the world. He did not come to Europe until 1957 and was first offered by INSEAD in Fountainebleau, France